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Travis Head hurts his hamstring in Sri Lanka a week out from opening Test

In less than a week, Australia suffered another injury less than a week after the first test in Gale, and the Batsman Travis’ head was removed from the hamstring strain and plunged into a cloud of conflict.

He suffered a concussion during his fourth day of international duty and was ruled out of the fifth and final bout by captain Aaron Finch, who did not know if he would be ready for next Wednesday’s opening test.

Steve Smith is still the only backup sticker on the test team after winning the Quad issue. .

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Hundreds of players, including Glen Maxwell, have arrived in India for a trial period, with Marcus Harris, Nick Madinson, Matt Rensho and all-rounder Mich Marsh available as replacements. No one is yet on standby.

A head injury is thought to be the result of overcrowded fieldwork.

The head of the Australian Travis has been playing in many fields in Sri Lanka.  (Photo by Ishara S. Kodikara / AFP)
The head of the Australian Travis has been playing in many fields in Sri Lanka. (Photo by Ishara S. Kodikara / AFP)Source: AFP

Finch’s injuries are minor, but a head scan is not known.

“This is a bit of a precaution, especially in a place where it’s embarrassing,” said Finch.

“He is out on the field and the ground is very heavy and he does a lot of Ks.

“I’m not sure what the exams will look like but it will definitely not be available tomorrow.”

Smith has also been ruled out of the last two ODIs.

Steve Smith is back in the net. (Photo by Ishara S. Kodikara / AFP)Source: AFP

According to Finch, the “great wound” did not heal 100%.

He puts the matter on the non-partner batteries, on wickets, for the benefit of the local bowlers, and the Aussies will not be the same as next year’s 5o World Cup in India.

“We’re sorry the series is still offline,” says Finch.

“The fact is that we were in every game, we had some chances to chase a reasonable sum with the bat and we didn’t use it then.

“There were times when we felt like the game was skipping, but with low cricket, which is strange, the game seems to be moving in the opposite direction, then you lose quick wickets.

“At the beginning of each game, the average order shows that the wickets are safe to hit. But we did not raise those partners.

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