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UFC 276 Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway latest news, Robert Whittaker on his relationship with fellow Aussie

Australian UFC stars Robert Whitaker and Alex Volkanovsky may have been friends for a long time, but Whitaker has always admitted that “there is an elephant in the room.”

This will continue until they are seen together regularly at Fox Sports Australia Battle Week Show.

The tension arose not only because Volcanovsky was not only good friends with Whittar Archbishop Nemesis Israel Adsanya, but also with Adsanya, a friend of Oakland’s famous City kickboxer.

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It is not easy to say that there is bad blood between Whittar and Adesenya.

Not only did Adesanya win the midweek championship title against Whittar at Melbourne Marvel Stadium in October 2019, but they also won their return match in Texas earlier this year.

“I love Alex and we’ve been friends for a long time, back then, we were both fighting on a local show,” Whitker said. Battle Week.

“But he will come out and fight against City kickboxing, he is an ally of my Israeli opponent.

“We were great when we came to the show, I’m sure there’s a friendship there, there’s a spouse there, but he’s on the fence this time.

“That’s great. We are good together. I’m sure we’ve finished the fight and everything will be really ‘friends’ … until then.

Alexander Volcanovsky and Robert Whitker ... are not 'friends' yet.
Alexander Volcanovsky and Robert Whitker … are not ‘friends’ yet.Source fall-FOX SPORTS

And things will get even more confusing between Whittar and Volcanovsky at UFC 276 (AEST) on Sunday in the much-anticipated triple wrestling match against former UFC middleweight champion Max Holocaust.

Volkanovsky won the first two battles between the pair, with the first vote in 2019 and the second in 2020.

But given the razor-thin margin that separated the two at UFC 251, the two best feather weights in the world are running again this weekend.

Volkanovsky won the UFC 245 Holocaust title and defended three times, starting with Holocaust, Brian Ortega and “Korean zombie” Chan Sung Jung.

The Australian He is riding a 21-match winning streak until 2013, but Whittar Holoway believes his chances of winning this season are high.

“I thought the second battle could be fought honestly, realistically, either way, it was the thinnest margin,” Whittar said.

“Put it this way, I believe he would have won the Holocaust at that time. all right? This is how I felt in that second battle.

UFC 276 ፡ Catch Adesanya vs Cannonier + Volkanovski vs Holloway LIVE in the main event at Kayo and Foxtel, Sunday, July 3 at 12 noon AEST. Order Now>

UFC 276 Full Australian Press Conference | 32 ፡ 51

“When we move on to the third battle, who knows how it will go? You can see the success of Holloway from the first fight to the second fight.

“If we follow this approach to the third fight, you have to think that Holocaust will be a favorite because Holocaust has been adjusted to bring it back in the second battle between the two fighters, Max and Alex.”

“In this third battle, we have to see what Alex did and what Holocaust did.

“Because of that, the third battle is always a lot of fun.

You can see that Max is still throwing, and ‘Volc’ is still a powerhouse, so it will be very difficult to know until he sees the war.

Although Volkanovsky was beaten 2-0 in Holocaust and Hawaii’s 12-match winning streak ended in a draw, Whitker predicted he would go the distance in his third meeting.

“Correct me if we stop their first and second fights completely and correct me, but I believe Max has made more adjustments than Alex did in the two fights,” Whittar said.

Volkanovsky and Hollowy will battle it out on Sunday in a major event before Adesanya tries to defend his midfield belt for the fifth time with Jared Cannon.

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