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Ukraine def Scotland in qualifier, Ukraine vs Wales, result, date, score, UEFA qualification

Ukraine’s general manager Alexander Petrakov has handed over the reins of his country’s 3-1 World Cup qualifier to Scotland.

Andrei Yarmolenko, Roman Yaremchuk and Artem Dovbic scored in their first match since Ukraine’s invasion of Russia on Sunday away to Qatar in Qatar.

“This victory was not for me or the team, but for our country. This was a great victory for Ukraine, ”said Petrakov.

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“They did everything for the people they played for, the Ukrainians.

“When they return home, the forces in the trenches, the people working in hospitals. They say thank you and we say thank you.

Weeks after the war began, the game began in March to give Ukraine a chance to qualify.

He has been linked with six Ukrainian clubs and has not played in months of competition.

On the eve of the game, Manchester City’s Alexander Zincchenko wept as he explained the significance of taking Ukraine to the World Cup.

But under the leadership of Zinchenko, they showed no signs of rust, nor did they let the hopes of a nation fall on their shoulders.

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“We are playing for those who are fighting in the canal, who are finally fighting for their blood. We play for Ukrainians who suffer every day, ”added Petrakov.

We still have a Wales game ahead of us. We will do everything we can to make Ukrainians proud.

Ukrainian players dressed in yellow and blue flags marched through the stadium with applause.

Among the Ukrainian supporters were children, who chanted “Stop the war.” However, once the action was taken, many were encouraged by small traveling supporters.

Scottish goalkeeper Craig Gordon saved the ball early in the game with Victor Tigankov and Yarmolenko.

Ukraine’s great position and technical prowess soon followed, but, like Ruslan Malinowski’s ball, Yarmolenko’s complete control allowed Gordon to make it 1-0 in the second half.

Scotland are on a eight-match losing streak but have not threatened to give up their World Cup hopes for the first time since 1998.

“Unfortunately, he passed us by,” said Scottish Captain Andy Robertson. “After a really positive campaign tonight, we got ourselves into it.”

The hosts finally came to life to cheer up the 50,000 sold-out crowd at Hampden Park during the last quarter.

After George W. Bush poured down the Scott Macmintina cross, John Maggine somehow escaped the point-blank zone.

Bushchan’s mistake gave Scotland a life of 11 minutes before Cal McGregor slammed the ball into the back of the net.

Ukraine returned the long ball, but the Scots were unimpressed.

In the final seconds, Dovebik hit the house near the Gordon Post, breaking the seal in an emotional way.

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