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‘Unrecruitable’ Jordan De Goey missing from Collingwood after controversial mid-season trip to Bali

Jordan de Goi was left out of Collingwood headquarters on Monday after being named “impossible to recruit” after a week-long visit to Bali.

Magpis star is in the middle of another off-field scandal after being spotted dragging a woman on top of a video posted on Instagram.

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A video of the 26-year-old at a Bali party has been circulated on the internet and focused on the star’s mid-season career with AFL legends and researchers in a nice and truly hot seat.

Remi Jackson, who appeared in the videos on Saturday, spoke about her reaction and threw her support behind De Goy.

Over the weekend, De Goi posted a statement on Instagram denouncing the “persistent pursuit of athletes” media outlets.

Absent from Collingwood, misses out on training this afternoon

“He was not there today, so we will do it when we see him as a club,” said Haw.

“It only took one day. It is clear that he had a clear day, so when he comes back we will touch the foundation.

It’s not good – obviously there is something obvious. Give him a little space but be there to support him, until we see him, obviously we will treat him then.

De Goi is not expected to return to the club until Wednesday following his controversial trip to Bali in the middle of the season. The Magpies will play their biggest game on Sunday in their 15th round match.

The average contract expires at the end of the season and researchers believe de Goy is now “impossible to hire” and clubs are less interested in signing him due to his recent shortcomings.

Honorable AFL broadcaster Gerard Willey criticizes De Gogo’s “woe” position and said he was surprised that other clubs did not block Collingwood.

A video from Instagram shows Collingwood soccer player Jordan de Goi having fun with friends in Bali. Image: InstagramSource fall-provided
De Goi’s trip was in full swing in the middle of the season. (Photo by Darrian Trainor / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

“Only Collingwood knows about the standards set by De Goi’s behavior at the beginning of the year, and what kind of behavior will result in further punishment, especially for women,” Willie wrote on SN’s website.

“He was presented with a clean sheet of paper.

“After talking to other club leaders over the weekend, they fired De Goyn for his determination.

“Fools don’t even scratch his face. It was the feeling of more than one player today.

“One of the questions De Goi is facing is his seriousness about his professional football career and the sacrifices he has to make.

“The answer to that question will have a big impact in the future. I don’t think it will work out now.

“The club with the straight face can’t explain to the main players why you are negotiating a million dollars to attract De Goye.

He is a Collwoodwood asset, a Collwoodwood problem and a Collwoodwood responsibility.

Collingwood has reportedly pulled out of a 3. 3.2 million four-year deal over the weekend.

AFL analysts agree that De Goy’s price has plummeted following a recent off-field scandal.

“Indeed, as a free agent, he will be more suspicious of other clubs that are considering opposing him and trying to take him to a football club,” said Mont. The first crack.

Jordan de Goi’s business value is not rising. (Photo by Michael Wilson / AFL Photos by Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

“If there are some concerns that we are discussing at the board or club level, we will or will not do it. What are the risks with the prizes – this will add another layer of coverage.

“We know a player wins, we know he has a lot of talent, he is a gun player in the competition, I think, but now some clubs may think the risk is not worth the prize.

Four-time Premier League player Jordan Lewis added: “If the game is based on order, we have seen many examples in the last five or 10 years.”

There are many examples that say that a player cannot beat you in the Premier League or change the way you go, but it can affect the team. I think the bargaining power in this matter is waning.

“I don’t think I would look at Jordan de Goi if I was from another club, if I was a player from another club and if I was involved in the management team and the key decision-makers.

“I think other clubs are looking beyond football. You want to bring people in – and I don’t really know it – you want people to build a culture and understand that this is the main thing that leads to performance, and that is the only question mark over it. “

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