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Victorian clubs interested in Jacob Hopper, Geelong, Richmond, Dyson Heppell’s future, Josh Dunkley contract, Carlton withdrawals from Karl Amon

Victorian clubs’ ‘pre-agent’ Giants surrounding star.

In addition, Josh Dunkley’s contract talks with the dogs, and the growing interest in Dyson Hepel, have raised questions about Bombers’ uncertain future.

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Is Jacob leaving GWS?

AFL Media Victorian clubs are reportedly interested in signing GWS star Jacob Hopper.

Hopper may be a free agent by the end of next year – the so-called ‘pre-agents’ – but the giants are known to trade players in advance to maximize compensation.

For example, Instead of waiting for another year until 2018, GWS Shiel went on to become an independent agent and get only one vote from AFL.

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Geelong and Richmond are believed to be leading players in Hopper’s service if the Giants Academy decides to start elsewhere.

Essendon has previously shown an interest in Hopper, and he could do so again, especially considering the need for big-name midfielders to strengthen their squad.

A knee injury has limited Hopper to just one game this year, but he is back in the first round and is building on his memories in the coming weeks.

The future of HEPPELL in Limbo

Eisenon Captain Dyson Hepel says he has not yet received a contract offer from Bombers for the 2023 season. AFL Media.

In the first half of the season, Hepel was seen as a retired player with a number of performances.

However, last month or so, he won three of his last four games of the season and was one of the standout performers for Essex.

Rival clubs are believed to be interested in signing the 30-year-old if they fail to sign a new deal with the Bombers.

Dunkley approached new negotiation

According to SEN partner Sam Edmond, Western Bulldogs star Josh Dunkley and the club’s contract talks have continued.

Dunkley spent one of his best seasons, finishing first in the Bulldogs, third in assists, third in assists, fourth in fourth, fourth in fourth, and fourth in goal. It is number 8 in the AFL for additions.

Edmund said: “(Dunkley) is likely to stay and it will probably take a long time to negotiate between out-of-contract dog players.”

Dunkley At the end of 2020, he was about to leave the Bulldogs and move to Essendon. But the Bulldogs refused to comply with the request and Dunkley saw the last two years at Whiteton Oval.

Carton pulled out of Amon’s contest

The Blues have reportedly withdrawn from Port Adelaide free agent Karl Amon Time.

The 26-year-old has attracted interest from several Victorian clubs, including Amon, St. Kildan, Melbourne and Houghton, and the latter is considered a favorite for his services, with reports that Winger could offer around $ 650,000 in five years.

Carlton is still believed to have a portion of the salary cap, but is unwilling to pay Amon’s premium.

The Blues have been considering recruiting players from rival clubs in recent years to return to the draft.

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Carlton has only three national elections in 2021 (Jesse Motlop, Pick 27) and 2020 (Corey Durdin, Pick 37 and Jack Carroll, Pick 41).

The club also has three star players, Charlie Kurnou, Harry McKay and Tom de Kong, all set to retire next year.

The Blues have signed good contracts to sign Mick McGover, Zach Williams and Jack Martin, as well as the likes of Jacob Weathering, Patrick Cripes and Sam Walsh.


Fremant coach Justin Longmuyer says he wants to see Rory Lob stay at the club as he discusses the future of the big man.

The Herald Sun’s John Ralph, who tried to return to the giants last year, reported that trade is expected to resume, believing rivals will move to the Western Bulldogs.

The 29-year-old, who signed a free contract in 2023, is said to be seeking a three-year, $ 1.5 million deal.

Lob is in the middle of his career, leading Doctors’ goals in 15 games with 29 major goals.

Longmuyer did not elaborate on his recent conversations with Lob, but at least confirmed his commitment.

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“This is the best conversation between a coach and a player. I assure him that I do not see him as part of our long-term future, ”Longmuyer told reporters.

“He assured me that he would stay and continue to compete in the way he competed. Playing the best football for Fremantl is now a priority for him.

In the midst of reports, Fremant is growing more confident that demon star Luke Jackson will end up in a major coup d’état.

And Longmore said he wants to see Lob stay with the Dockers, regardless of other businesses.

“He is a contracted player, he is leading our goal. “He’s one of our most consistent strikers of the year, so they don’t want to lose those players.”

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