Qatar 2022 World cup News

Wales beat Ukraine to make Qatar 2022, goals, Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale has ruled out a war in Qatar following a 1-0 victory over Cardiff Ukraine in Wales’ first major World Cup victory since 1958.

Bell, who was replaced by Ukrainian captain Andrei Yarmolenko, won a free kick at the Cardiff City Stadium despite the visitors’ dominance.

“The result is the biggest in the history of Welsh football,” said Bale, who previously won the Euro 2016 semi-finals.

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Gareth Bale praised Wales for winning the World Cup for the first time since 1958.
Gareth Bale praised Wales for winning the World Cup for the first time since 1958.Source: AFP

“I kept quiet because we were so happy. We did it for our amazing fans in the country. At present they cannot express our feelings in words.

Ukraine boasted a 3-1 victory over Scotland in their first match since the Russian invasion on Wednesday.

The people of Alexander Petrakov deserve more than any other special event in the history of Russia.

“I think we have done everything we can, but I want people in Ukraine to remember our team, our efforts,” Petrakov said.

I apologize for not scoring, but this is a sport.

The Ukrainian national anthem was applauded in all parts of the stadium before the game, and as they traveled to Scotland in the middle of the week, the guests were moved instead of restrained by the pressure.

However, Wayne Henssey, who had a few brutal finishes, a moment’s bad luck and nine tries, was rewarded with a heroic goal.

“We have given everything today, we have left everything on the field,” said Ukrainian midfielder Alexander Zinchenko.

“The Guardian from Wales has done an incredible job. He is the best man in the game. ”

Ukraine’s Mikola Matvienko seems to be worried about losing his team.Source: Getty Images

– Big Game Husband –

Wells did not threaten Ukraine’s goal in the first half but Bale has a star who can change the course of the game instantly.

The 32-year-old won the Champions League last weekend with a five-year stint at Real Madrid.

Bale has excelled in international duty in recent years and now has the opportunity to add to the World Cup.

In the 34th minute, Yarmolenko’s header was deflected wide of the post.

“He has betrayed us in big games,” said Wales manager Rob Page. “In Austria (play of the semi-finals) he scored two goals and won a free kick tonight. A person with this behavior is always a threat.

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Ukraine refused to give up on that fateful day, and before the break, Yarmolenko was not punished before the break in a box cut by Joe Allen.

The game continued in the second half as the Rob Page boys pressed on their own half.

But the Rams had a great chance to double their chances of counter-attack when Aaron Ramsey came out on top and hit Brennan Johnson in the head, and my husband politely punched Bushch.

On the other hand, Vicor Tisicanov saved Henssey’s try and Yarmukuk tried to score.

A final attempt by Ben Davis prevented Yarmolenko from firing on the ransom.

Five minutes before the end of the Ukrainian day, Hennesse’s substitute Artem Dovebik’s header saved an incredible save.

But Wales’ unbeaten run of 19 home games came four years, with 33,000 spectators at home.

Page boys face England, USA and Iran in November.

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