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Wallabies player ratings from record loss to Argentina, highlights, analysis, team news

The Walleyes made seven field goal attempts, four of which were on goal kicks.

If you’re looking for a reason why the Walleyes lost, that paints a pretty clear picture.

The Walleyes’ raw fullback Tom Wright has been exposed. The Brumbies back has excelled in the past three Tests of the year, but his lack of time in that role was exposed horribly by the Argentine, who also tested his positional awareness and aerial skills.

He wasn’t the only one either. Marika Coroibete was caught in the air and Reece Hodge was penalized for not being in a realistic position to contest the ball after making contact in the air.

Following their heavy defeat a week ago, the Welsh team’s streak of defeating Argentina in the final was also put to rest.

As for James O’Connor, the recalled player faces a struggle to keep his place after a disappointing performance.

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The Wallabies are denied horribly! | 01:22

Had his first-half try not been disallowed, it might have been a different story for the 32-year-old. He didn’t, and anyone who wears the number 10 shirt generally doesn’t deserve the blame.

Here are our player ratings from Argentina’s record defeat.

Tom Wright – 3.5

Given the fullback’s struggles under the high ball, Dave Rennie will recall Andrew Kellaway if the Rebels qualify for the Springboks later this month.

Wright doesn’t deserve to go down. One poor game doesn’t define a player, but the Brumbies are a 15-year-old and could use more time on the wing. If Kellaway qualifies, he will be a strong contender for the number 23 jersey.

The tough day started in the first minute, when Jordan Pettaya’s powerful shot gave Argentina the lead.

Moments later and Argentina were 50-22 up as the home side exposed Wright’s positional awareness.

“Not being able to defend 50-22 in that situation is inexcusable from the Wallabies’ season,” former All Blacks player Andrew Mertens told The Stan.

On three occasions, Wright lost possession in the air. Emiliano Boffelli was sent off in the eighth minute.

In the 27th minute, he did not get his hands on the ball. In the 36th minute, he shot in the air again, but fortunately, Marika Koroibete’s excellent defensive performance forced Boffeli’s effort out.

Later in the 52nd minute, Wright opted to run the ball but had to play Percent because he was tackled and given a penalty for not releasing.

Tom Wright had a tough game against Argentina at Food Defender.  Photo: Getty Images
Tom Wright had a tough game against Argentina at Food Defender. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Jordan Petaya – 6

It was the closest thing to Petaya yet.

Petaya sent O’Connor through to score but his attempt was denied by James Slipper’s illegal clearance.

He later lost the ball on the tryline when the ball was ripped.

But in the 51st minute, he was one of the most connected passes, and in the 56th minute, when trying to keep the ball on the field of play, he threw one quickly and it crossed the ball.

A more promising Petaya got his hands on the ball. However, the fact that Australia haven’t given Petaya a shot in attack tells you a lot about the Welsh attack in recent weeks.

Len Ikitau – 7.5

One of the best of the Walias. Ekitau made a brilliant line break and was strong on both sides.

A linebacker in the 29th minute should have led to some points. Instead, a season later, Nick White was penalized for the Pumas when he was sidestepped on a throw.

The Walleyes square off at the San Juan del Bicentenario Stadium on August 13, 2022 in San Juan, Argentina. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Lalakai Foketi – 6

Two good touches to slide a good ball into Ikitau in the 10th minute.

However, Focketty outclassed James O’Connor and Lachie Lonergan in defense before the Pumas’ third try.

Marika Koroibete – 6

In defense, Koroibette was excellent.

He had a fantastic try against Bofely and made some big shots, including the 10th minute header from Fraser McCreight’s cross.

So did his goal-scoring attempt in the 19th minute just over halfway.

Unfortunately, Koroibete was also beaten in the air and uncertainty in the air continued to pepper the Wallabies’ back three.

A slight knock on the bottom of the ball straight after the break in the 41st minute summed up the Welshmen’s disappointing performance.

James O’Connor – 5

The Wallabies player may bear some of the blame for the defeat, but that is an unfair mark.

Had O’Connor’s try been stopped, the Wallis would have been in front and he would have had great highlights. He didn’t and the Colts conceded two quick tries.

Defenseman O’Connor had a couple of poor seasons.

In the 6th minute, Taniela Tupou fell off a tackle and headed over Thomas Gallo ahead of the Pumas’ third try. Getting my hands on another hit.

However, in the 72nd minute, he ran to the line and put Ekita in a bit of a hole. But, as Rennie later lamented, the Walleyes pushed the pass and found the touchline.

James O’Connor (L) had to make a disappointing comeback at fly-half. Photo: AFPSource: AFP

Nick White – 5

White had a frustrating challenge as the Colts struggled to hold onto the ball.

The experienced midfielder had little space to test the Argentine defender.

Unfortunately, the Colts looked dangerous in possession in the opposition half. They didn’t hold onto the ball long enough to create any real pressure.

In the 30th minute, he appeared to be at a loss as to what to do and his pass was intercepted.

Rob Valletini – 9

The Welshman’s man of the match.

Valentini’s ball-carrying was a real feature.

He moved on the advantage line ahead of the slide attempt for the Walleyes.

He was also strong in defense and in the 18th minute he made a good counter-attacking attempt which allowed McCright to go to the ball and win a penalty.

Lachie Lonergan’s fine cross sent Valetini wide in the 45th minute. It should have ended with a try when he dispossessed Petaya who was snapped over the line.

Valetini’s only fault came in the 61st minute when he was penalized after chipping and kicking.

Rob Valletini was the Wales’ best player against Argentina. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Fraser McCreight – 5.5

Good pressure on the ball, including a great win in the 10th minute.

Unfortunately, McCreight was sent off to the sin bin midway through the second half, although referee Carl Dixon ruled the ball well ahead of his fifth try.

Jade Holloway – 6

Holloway was effective in the lane and had a steal. He also had some good runs to the line. But the ball needs to be asked more.

The Waratahs forward looks set to be in the side for a long time and his physicality will help in the pack.

Darcy Swain – 5.5

After last weekend’s impressive challenge, Swain wasn’t quite as productive. why? Simply put, the Walleyes had a bit of a composed ball.

Swain was awarded a penalty in the 28th minute despite a scuffle.

Rory Arnold – 6.5

A glorious return to the Japanese-bound lock.

Arnold carried well and crossed the ball in the 29th minute.

But the real strength around the knee was not used by the Walleyes in their struggle under the high ball.

Tanila Tupu struggled for the Walleyes as he returned to his starting side. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Daniel Tupu – 5

Brutally punished, the Colts struggled in the set. Tupou were penalized there on several occasions when they were pinged for not driving straight.

Tupu was also penalized for a goal down in the 24th minute.

It wasn’t until the 46th minute that Tupu managed to find the goal area well.

The giant Walleyes tighthead proposal has yet to handle the challenge it started.

Lachlan Lonergan – 6

A reasonable effort asked to start against the Pumas.

The young Brumbies line was largely effective.

However, the Walias’ scandal struck and they trailed before the Pumas’ second try and missed a free kick in the 55th minute.

James Slipper (c) – 6.5

One of the better players of the Walias.

The opening 20 minutes of the slide was fantastic. Unfortunately, he was fined for illegal clearing, which was questionable at best.

He carried the slider hard and showed some good hands as well. He also scored the Welshmen’s first try.

The Walias suffered a heavy defeat against Argentina. Photo: AFPSource: AFP


Billy Pollard – 5.5

He came on midway through the second half and scored with the first kick. Make a mark.

Matt Gibbon – N/A

It came too late for the Slipperys but he came through the middle in the 71st minute to help them win a penalty.

Bonds – 6

Some good tackles and hard tackles midway through the second half. A promising debut off the bench.

Nick Frost – 5

He couldn’t press himself like he did a week ago.

Pete Samu-6

Effective on both sides of the ball after replacing Holloway in the second half.

Tate McDermott – 6

McDermott’s 50/22 in the 69th minute was a cracker. Unfortunately, Valetini spent the first half cut from the attacking line and went down before Ire Simmons was brought onto the field.

Simon’s Wrath – N/A

It comes on late but gives away a penalty for going offside on the footy.

Reece Hodge – N/A

Another late tackle was penalized for making contact in the air when Hodge was not in a realistic position to catch the ball at fullback.

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