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Wallabies vs England, Bart Campbell World Rugby board member conflict of interest, Phil Kearns

As the Warriors prepare to face England on Saturday in a series of games in Sydney, world rugby board member Bart Campbell is re-evaluating his position for a “conflict of interest”.

Campbell – former chairman of Hurricane Melbourne has been transferred to the New Zealand rugby board – as he oversees the upcoming ‘Winter Football Festival’ in Australia.

The four major English football clubs, including Manchester United, will play seven friendlies in Australia over the next two weeks.

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Campbell, who was appointed to the Rugby Executive Council two years ago, is a partner of Left Field Live Sports Marketing.

Left Field Live – owned by Silver Lake Lake with Venezuela, Venezuela West, and TG Live, recently signed a $ 180 million deal to buy rugby shares in New Zealand – is promoting the group in partnership with Tourism WA. It puts the Walias in direct competition with football matches.

Two of the seven matches will be played later this month at the Perth Optus Stadium, where the first leg will be played between Wallabies and England.

The official population was 47,668 – less than 60,000 capacity.

After a stunning 30-28 victory over England on July 2 in England, a friendly between Manchester United and Aston Villa on July 23 was sold out.

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Phil Kearn S. Campbell, former director of bidding for the World Cup in Australia, believes he is in a “conflict of interest” because as a member of the World Rugby Board, he should focus on rugby rather than competitive sports.

“You have to work in a way that benefits your business and your industry

“World rugby business is a world rugby. How do you do what is good for the organization when you promote football?”

Former Melbourne hurricane Bart Campbell is pictured outside the MCG.  Picture: Ian Currie
Former Melbourne hurricane Bart Campbell is pictured outside the MCG. Picture: Ian CurrieSource: News News Corp Australia

Campbell denied a conflict of interest last month.

“There is no conflict of interest,” Campbell told Australia.

“He works in the sports business, not including the left field rugby. There is no conflict between my work and my board. I wish Rugby Australia the best of their exciting series of tests with England, on a national and international sports calendar background in all states, including home, AFL, NRL and football.

However, in a crowded sports market, when it comes to deciding which sport to watch and what to pay in large sums of money, the “Winter Football Festival” offers a more convincing option than rugby.

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Julie McLean, an industry expert at the Australian Institute of Directors, says it can even hurt the perception of conflict of interest.

“For many organizations, conflict awareness can be as damaging as a name,” she said.

This is not the first time that Campbell’s business interests have raised questions about the conflict of interest.

Kearns believes the conflict of interest is real or not.

Matt Philippe of Australia and Courtney of England will compete online in the World Cup series. (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

“If you’re at a board meeting, you’re getting information about what’s going on in World Rugby and in the meantime you put it in the back of your mind how much money I can make from football. And where and when I play games,” he said.

“So you’re going in there, knowingly or unknowingly, with at least two things in mind.

From a commercial point of view, and I understand that he promotes many other things, by nature those things can be detrimental to rugby interests and that New Zealand rugby or world rugby may be unrelated.

Asked if Campbell should step down in light of the conflict of interest, Cairns said he had left a little choice for himself.

“Unless anyone else in the world rugby is on the board and I doubt it exists, and you can see that there is probably another way of governing, I think it will be difficult to stay in it. His position on entertainment and other sports, including rugby.”

I’m sure World Rugby will ask questions.

The Walias beat their opponents 30-28 01:09

The situation comes as Rugby Australia continues to explore the future.

The governing body has not yet ruled on whether it can extend its partnership with New Zealand rugby.

The code continues to build on the Covenant-19 epidemic and is exploring signing its own equity agreement or exploring loans.

They were given the right to host the 2027 (men’s) and 2029 (women’s) Rugby World Cups in May, and the impressive series in England helped build the game’s progress.

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