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Warriors owner Cameron George argument with journalist Reece Walsh departure, Brisbane Broncos, New Zealand Warriors, personal reasons, leave

Following the release of Race Walsh, Warriors’ wife Cameron George spoke with a New Zealand journalist who asked for the club’s direction.

Fulbak, 19, has been linked with a move to the Broncos after pleading guilty to one count of felony criminal mischief.

According to George, Walsh had “all intentions” to return to New Zealand, but the young gun was officially authorized to negotiate with Broncos in the last “24 to 48 hours.”

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Radio presenter Martin Davlin George asked if the club should be sold to a “one-way” owner.

“The last time you spoke, you talked about the positive and the great things that are happening at the club,” Davelin said.

“Roger (Tuvasa-Sheikh) left because the club was not going anywhere and the promised success and recruitment was never done.

“Matt Lodge is rotating now. He has a fourth reason for why he is leaving in four weeks.”

Davlin went on to ask why the Warriors’ best players were leaving, but the players in the rival clubs were happy to stay.

“It looks like your best players don’t want to stay and my current understanding is that the owner has lost his plot with this club, he is not going anywhere. “It’s scary,” Davelin said.

“In just two weeks, you have only one loss left over from a wooden spoon in a hurricane in Melbourne. .

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When you look at the table again, it means that it is time to lose again.

“I do not agree with you. These things happen not only at our club, but at any club,” George said.

“Even though Cameron doesn’t seem to have happened at another club, none of the other stars in other clubs want to leave,” Davlin replied.

“Now you have asked Addin Fonua-Blake to answer honestly. Does he want to stay for a few more years or will he be next?”

George went on to explain that the reason for the departure of the players was that the personal situation was beyond the control of the club.

“The situation we are in today is beyond the reach of the average person,” says George.

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“Over the last two years I have done my best to bring the club together and I am very happy with what we are doing over the next two years. We have great plans and we will focus on getting home and doing those things. Once you see stability in our club, you will see a big difference. I am zealous, determined. I work day and night to find out how we can be better. I love the club with all my heart and I want to see it succeed.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Wolves, citing the club’s recruitment, said he was pleased with the direction the club was heading.

As it stands, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, Dylan Walker, Mitch Barnett, Marata Niukore and Luke Metcalf will travel to Tasman for 2023.

“We have a wonderful list for next year,” said George.

“If you spend it next year with individuals coming to the football club, I think it’s a quality team on the board.”

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