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AFL commentator Wayne Carey has hit out at a journalist who reported a “bump” with former teammate Anthony Stevens at the club’s 25-year premiership reunion last weekend.

SEN’s Sam Edmonds broke the story on Monday as Carey and Stevens – in In 2002, her then-husband, Kerry, cheated on her with a false name, and they got into a fight at a Yarraville hotel on Saturday night.

Edmonds said witnesses told him the pair had “broken up”, with Kangaroo saying the former Kangaroos were “shocked” by the verbal abuse.

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But on Wednesday, Carey came clean about what sparked a “tough conversation” with Stevens and called Edmonds a “dial.”

“The first story that was told was shocking and that’s actually not true. There were no knocks,” Triple M said.

“It was a strong conversation – I think it’s too strong to say that a fight happened.

“I wanted to talk about Stevo, I was worried about him. I said, ‘I’m worried about you,’ and he said, ‘I’m worried about him.’

“I said I’m worried, I want him to take care of himself like people want me to take care of myself.

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“To say there was a big fight and it came to blows and then we went there and everyone was upset with everyone and it was a big thing that wasn’t completely right – that’s the sad thing.

“It was not history and it is not history.

“Hopefully I’ve checked now that this has been thrown into something that isn’t happening again.

“I’m not sure why it has to be talked about all the time – it doesn’t make sense.

“(Sam) was upset about it.

“You know what, Sam? We all have bad days. You’re in for a shock.”

Carey admitted that he and Stevens are known to be “not the best of mates,” but felt that Edmund told only half the story on Monday.

“What he left was that at the end of the night or evening or afternoon or whatever it was, me and Stevo actually had a couple of beers together and left together.

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“We were standing in front of both of them waiting for our respective Ubers to leave their respective spots. Give it up.

“It looks like we’ve had this huge explosion and collision and it looks like we’ve come to a beat as he said, which isn’t really right.”

Carey said Stevens’ failure to show up for Sunday’s motorcycle celebration – attended by 17 players, including Carey and coach Dennis Pagan, at Marvel Stadium – had nothing to do with “intense discussions” as far as he knew.

“I don’t know if Stevo was upset the next day. That’s why he didn’t come to the motor team,” Carey said.

What I do know about that, me and understanding talked to Arch (Glenn Archer) and I talked to King (David King) and I talked to Stevo and some other players who are close. I am close to those players and Stevo was not good.

“He had a reasonable night. It would be appropriate to say. We all had a reasonable day. Stevo probably didn’t show up on Sunday because he was bigger than the others.

“If there’s a big issue and this big thing happens and it upsets all these former team-mates and everybody else, I’ll be sitting there with Darren Crocker on Sunday, I’ll be sitting there with Daniel Laidley, I’ll be sitting there with Glenn Archer, I’ll be sitting there with Scholey[Craig Scholl]everybody. And some of our mutual friends – if I upset the apple cart or something that happened that day, maybe not the next day.

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While the story “doesn’t upset” him, Carey says he feels for the two families involved in the 2002 scandal – which cost Carey his North Melbourne job and saw him end up in Adelaide – as he grows up.

“That’s what hurts every time. So when Dill overstates something like Sam, who does it affect,” he said.

What he doesn’t realize is Stevon’s daughters, my daughters – not my son because he’s really young. It affects family members and everyone else. That’s what these types of things do.

“Who cares if Stevo and I have a tough conversation together? How is that a true story? “

Carey spoke on Channel 7 earlier this year about the case that rocked North Melbourne, calling it “the biggest regret of his adult life” and admitting it had “grieved me for over 20 years”.

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