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Fans can easily understand that Dan Ryan is out of the sport after a 27-straight loss following his dismissal from Adelaide Thunderbird in 2018.

But before moving on to coaching, Ryan, a former Australian men’s volleyball captain, did not let his dream die.

Instead, Ryan cut $ 80,000 and went to England. Work for only $ 5,000 to keep the job alive.

“I was able to maintain that perspective on Adelaide and I was determined to make sure it was my start, not my end,” he said.

I have lived in savings (in the United Kingdom) to continue training. This meant something to me.

“The door to luck has opened here, the club has believed in me.

I am so proud to be part of the story with these girls and to have met them in my life.

Fever coach Dan Ryan Alice hugged Tege-Neld.  Picture: James Worfell
Fever coach Dan Ryan Alice hugged Tege-Neld. Picture: James WorfellSource Fate-Getty Images

Ryan became the first male coach to win the Professional Netball Championship and became the first coach in the club’s 25-year history (combined with the current Perth Orioles) to win the trophy.

But Ryan’s headaches are a marvelous feat in Northern Ireland, where he played the role of Firebard goalkeeper Donald Wallace as head coach of Leeds Rhinos.

Just to show that you do not give up. Always believe in yourself and if you want something bad enough, find a way to make it happen. ”

“I have always felt that there is a good connection between my history and the history of this club over the last two years. I strongly believe that if you are willing to support yourself in times of difficulty and hardship, there will be times when you will be who you are.

“It really was a challenging time for me to be a coach.

“We had a lot of pressure to get in today but we always believe.

“I hope to go on this journey and finish at this point.

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Ryan By the end of 2021, it was a shocking choice to replace now Australian Diamond coach Stacey Marinkovic.

He was joined by Captain Courtney Bruce while on a Zoom call waiting for a flight to Perth.

“The moment I joined the club and the first time I spoke to Courtney, I knew it was my new home. I knew it was the right place for me. ” “I bought a house the next week, so I’m happy to be here as long as I need to live.

“I’m not going anywhere soon.”

He has now achieved his final success in his first year at the club and says the fever is not over.

“I think we will have this hunger to work again after we quit, there is no question about that,” he said.

“I know for a fact that there is another way in which we can be part of the team. There is more in them.

“It’s just a dream come true.

“Time is everything, our time, our opportunity and we own it.”

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