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After the Western Bulldogs’ final hopes were “destroyed” on Friday night, Sydney took advantage of the club’s biggest weakness.

A.D. After the big final in 2021, the dogs now face the seemingly impossible reality of the 2022 finals – with the next four matches against St. Kilda, Melbourne, Giloong and Fremant.

Fox Footstick Nick Riewoldt He said he would be at the club line in 2022 and lamented his “tragic” performance at ACG.

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“It looks dangerous now,” he said.

It doesn’t matter who you are playing tonight.

Fox Football analyst Jonathan Brown says the Bulldogs ‘biggest issue has been revisited – the defenders’ inability to identify their opponents.

When your back goes to the wall, Season online, with the Brisbane Lions and tonight with Sydney Swans, you show no interest in competing and defending against opponents as they do in the fight, the pressure, the good end teams. ” he said.

Papli reports for communication | 00:39

“Geez, there are a lot of views on the class tonight, there are a lot of doubts about where their season is now, maybe one goal is to escape the big finals (in 2021).

“What does Luke Beaverge explain? Signs of his big defenders… reappeared. Competitive marks were taken. (Sydney) has taken eight competing marks out of 50 in the future. This is an unusual number. This shows that Alex Keith and Ryan Gardner are in opposition.

The dogs are ranked 18th in the competition. Averaging 12.4 per game. They also finished in the top 50 for defensive tackles – an average of 3.9 per game.

At the Swans on Friday night, the dogs scored 17 competitive points, eight of which were in their 50 defense.

Gary Lyon said players such as Adam Tralor and Mitch Hanna were “hitting” the back line by the Swans’ 53-point defeat.

To be a demon docker? | 00:50

“This is the side that could have missed the last eight in the big final last year,” he lamented.

“There are problems all over the Western Bulldogs.

“The back half can’t defend in the air or on the ground, the front half is very dependent on someone and they are still carrying a heavy load and one of your best midfielders (Adam) is playing half-back.

Some of their luxury cars are currently on the block, they are not going anywhere and Ferrari in Bailey Smith is not currently playing.

“They look weak, they don’t have the strength to run.

“It is a great loss of grace.

“They were the first to take it there and now they are sitting outside to work.”

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