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Wests Tigers head coach, who will be the next Tigers coach, Cameron Ciraldo, Maguire sacked, Tim Sheens, Bulldogs loss

The Tigers are expected to make a decision on the future of Pentagon assistant Cameron Cialdo over the weekend.

According to SMH Michael Chamas, leopard power brokers wait for a response and enter the desired destination without being approached by other candidates.

Ceyrdo was given a seven-hour tour of Leihar and met with the merchants of the merger club last Monday.

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According to the Tigers, it would be a big decision for Siraldo to become a relatively young coach in the NRL landscape, but if he decides to stay at Pennit or join the Bulldogs, he could leave.

Tim Shins’ tigers will be given a one-week leave of absence for the delegation and a decision could be made by the end of the week.

After a busy week for the interested coach, he will have to take over as head coach in the absence of Claire, and Ceyrdo will now have time to make the big decision.

The Bulldogs, meanwhile, have the best of both worlds in the 15th round, with both teams hoping to find the Panthers’ assist in the ‘Cameron Cialdo Cup’.

When Matt Burton encouraged the Belgian club to win back-to-back games for the first time since 2019, Ceyrdo was analyzing the details of both teams and focusing on the game.

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Interim Bulldogs coach Mike Potter has won two of his last five games in charge of the club, making him a key figure in his future.

The decision to move Jack Averillo to Fulbach was a resounding success, with the former half-back scoring two or three goals in the last four games.

Meanwhile, Burton and Ado-Carr are one of the most feared attacking partners in the competition, and Canterbury strikers are passing the ball more than ever.

Interim Leopard Coach Brett Kimmorley suffered a major setback for the Eagles and Sunday Pats.

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