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Wests Tigers skipper James Tamu was sent off within seconds of abusing referee Ben Cummins on Saturday night.

The Tigers were on the receiving end of their worst defeat in club history when Tamu gave Cummins an unsolicited tip with 60 seconds remaining.

Roosters forward Angus Crichton cleared the ball from deep half, but Cummins decided to drop back.

Tamu is seen yelling something at Cummins as he engages the three-man Crichton.

Cummins immediately blew a penalty and said to Tammu “you can go” as he held 10 fingers in the air.

“You are incompetent,” replied Tamu.

That Cummins upgraded the Tigers prop to direct delivery.

“It’s gone now, it was 10 and now it’s gone,” Warren Smith said on Fox League.

Tammu took a few steps to the side before stepping back and giving Cummins another piece of his mind.

Cummins held the ground and told him to “keep going” and the ill-fated man then turned back and continued his journey to the sheds.

“James Tamu has reached the end of the rag and gone out in style,” Smith said.

“Sent off. At first Sin was arrested, now he’s been sent off for some fruitless protests in the referee’s direction.

“I didn’t see that coming.”

Tammu was penalized for a chat 60 seconds earlier.

The 33-year-old lost the ball two meters from the Roosters’ line and lobbed the ball at forward Terrell May.

“Now Tammu reacts to putting him down, dropping the ball in May and giving a penalty to compound the situation,” Smith said.

Cummins said the penalty was “for later discussion” and jokingly asked whether Tigers forward Joe Ofahengawe could compete from there.

“The Tigers are at a boiling point,” said Mick Ennis.

“He pissed off the captain, just watch.”

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