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Graham Annesley’s weekly briefing from 1.30pm AEDT.

NRL head of football’s elite competition Graham Annesley broke the final down into sections in his weekly briefing on the Cowboys’ defeat to the Tigers.

Annesley is satisfied with the NRL’s decision to award the captain’s challenge, but admits the punishment against the Tigers was a mistake.

“We are relieved that the captain’s test has been approved in this situation,” Ansley said.

“I’m not satisfied that there was enough to justify a Bunker decision to go for a penalty in that incident.”


“It was a very complicated situation in Townsville yesterday,” Annesley said.

“The first thing I wanted to talk about was time. There has been some discussion about whether or not the game should have been restarted after the switch.

I want to make it clear that the judge has no control over the timing. There are independent timekeepers who communicate with the judges through referee communication devices.

“They count them at the end, so they can’t stop the game until the referee tells them with the ear piece that it’s time out.

“That wasn’t the case when the game was played. So the judge was the first party that had no control over that. This is independently controlled.

Captain’s test

“The second part involves the captain’s challenge,” Anselli said.

“This is the third part of the captain’s challenge and we have to make more decisions.

“More than 360 actual captain challenges were challenges to decisions that could have gone wrong.

It’s about correcting as many decisions as possible and with those numbers he certainly helped achieve that.

“The question is, was it a permissible test in those circumstances?

“In our view, it is allowed under these circumstances for a number of reasons.”

More to come. . .

The NRL’s decision to award the captain’s test after the “short whistle” has been explained, but it doesn’t mean Bunker got the decision to award it or that the match will actually determine a penalty.

The furore surrounding the decision to give the Cowboys a captain’s test, although it initially looked like there would be no game break, sent the NRL into damage control with referee Chris Butler’s on-field call before Bunker broke away the penalty.

Firstly, under NRL rules a captain’s challenge cannot be claimed unless there is a break from playing.

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The NRL captain’s challenge rule states: “The captain can only challenge the umpire’s decision, which causes the game to stop (ie no umpire’s decision to ‘play’ can be challenged).

“Generally, a challenge cannot be called unless the whistle is blown to signal the end of play. challenge”

As NRL head of football’s elite competition Graham Annesley explained earlier this season, the NRL doesn’t want to open the door to players challenging every decision or the game will become too stop-start.

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James Tamu and Chris Butler.Source: Getty Images

However, it was 21 seconds after the referee blew the “short whistle” before Cowboys captain Chad Townsend called the captain’s fight.

The NRL rules clearly state: “There will be a 10-second time limit for starting a challenge from the time the referee signals and verbalizes the decision.”

However, Buttler was being beaten by players on both sides, which partly explains why it took Townsend so long to claim the challenge.

Under the NRL rules, a challenge is only allowed “to restart the game with a structured restart at the discretion of the referee”.

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The Tigers would take the loss to the Cowboys.Source: Getty Images

Structured restarts include: scrum, penalty (tap restart, free kick into touch, free kick), sixth tackle handover, 20m restart, goal line crossing, full play handover, 40/20 or 20/40 restart. .

However, the NRL argued that the captain’s test was allowed under special circumstances.

An NRL spokesman said: “The captain’s challenge was allowed under these circumstances.”

“The captain can challenge the referee’s decision to stop the game.

NRL defends Bunker call | 00:43

“After the last tackle, the referee blew the whistle to stop the game, but full-time has not been called yet.

“The whole concept of the Captain’s Test is to ensure that any umpire’s decision to stop the game is reviewable. Failure to do so effectively denies a team the right to have an officiating error corrected on the last play of the game due to a timeout.

“There are many examples of games continuing after a timeout following a breach.

“These include foul play or other punishable violations of the law.”

However, Fox League’s Warren Smith, who commented on the game, never even heard of a “short whistle” in all his time in the game.

Regardless of whether the NRL gets the decision to award the Cowboys the right to captain test, that still brings us to Bunker’s decision to issue a escort penalty to Tigers center Asu Kepaoa.

Annesley will address the media on Monday at 1.30pm (provided by public interest) where the NRL will either support Yeklyn’s call or admit it was wrong to award the penalty.

The Tigers were robbed of victory.Source: Getty Images

An NRL spokesman said: “The ban itself will be reviewed as a matter of course on Monday.”

If the captain’s decision to issue a challenge or the decision to award a bunker penalty is wrong, the Tigers are robbed of two match points. It’s as simple as that.

The NRL world erupted on social media in response to the Tigers’ baffling decision to pay the game.

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