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Wests Tigers to appoint Benji Marshall as coach on five year deal, Tim Sheens, Robbie Farah

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The West Tigers have appointed Benji Marshall as their assistant coach and will take over from Tim Shins in 2025.

The Tigers have confirmed in a statement that Tim Shins will be coaching the club for the next two seasons, with Marshall and Robbie Farah assisting the former coach before taking over in 2025.

The West Taygers have confirmed that Tim Shins will take over as head coach in 2023, alongside former Premier League winners Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah.

“Shen will be the assistant coach for the 2023 and 2024 seasons, with Marshall and Farah as his assistants. Marshall will play for three more seasons (2025-27).

“Robbie Farah will continue to compete for the next two seasons. In 2023 and 2024, Shaines will be assistant coach.

The coaching plan brings together more than 1,300 NRL experiences together, shared by three club icons, who together won the West Leopard title in 2005.

Justin Pasco, CEO, says this is the perfect way to move the club forward.

“This is a very clear future for this club and we are delighted to see Tim, Benji and Robbie reunite for the next stage of our development.”

“Benji and Robbie are two of the best players the club has ever seen. The team coaching record speaks for itself.

“It shows that we are paving the way not only for our players but also for our coaches.

“It’s a good day for our club.”

Shays and Marshall were the driving force behind the first and only Premier League power behind the game and coaching in 2005, and are confidently joining Tiger Power brokers to coaching and assisting.

After Marshall retired from the NRL in 2021, his coaching experience with Tigers Junior is limited.

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Marshall has spent most of his 346-game NRL career with the Tigers, and current director of football Shins has won 128 of the club’s 249 games from 2003 to 2012.

The Herald Marshall has agreed a five-year deal and will work under the Schens for the next two seasons and learn the trade as NRL head coach.

Before the Tigers replace Marshall in 2025, they will announce Sheens as head coach for the next two seasons.

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Benji Marshall and Tim Shins are ready to train the tigers.Source: Fresh News Limited

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The development comes after the Tigers lost their main target in a five-year contract to become the club’s “development” head coach.

Marshall Isaiah reportedly played a key role in persuading Papali to return the $ 1.9 million he had made to Concord.

Marshall said earlier this week that he was considering a move to Fox League NRL 360 under Shaines.

“Not recently, but for me my dream is to become an NFL coach and be in a good position at West Tiger,” Marshall said.

“It is clearly reported that Tm Sheens will take the job and consult someone.

“I would definitely like to see him give me a chance to become a head coach under him.

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“I love what I’m doing right now, but that’s an opportunity I never got again. The opportunity to try and be a head coach.

“So if they go that way and ask me, I would definitely be interested and I would consider that.

“If the attitude is a real way to become a head coach.

I do that now (assistant and skill trainer) with the kids.

“For me, NRL head coach is a dream come true. And being able to advise someone like Tim Shins and get the chance to get there. If that’s the way you want to go down with me, that’s what I want to explore.

Marshall asked Paul Kent if he was ready to step up to the NRL coaching rankings and said he was committed to all the tigers he loved.

“I understand this and yes I am,” Marshall said.

“I am ready and I am because you do not know exactly until you hit the pressure gauge.

But all I have to do is go back to myself. If they go their own way, I’m in it.

“I love working here (Fox Sports), but if this is a real opportunity and they come to me, I’m in it.”

Because of his love for the club, Marshall said he only cared about the tigers.

“I’m not going anywhere now,” Marshall said.

“For two reasons. I love the club. I’ve left the club twice.

“There is always something left in my heart. There is love for the club and I want to see it succeed.

“I really believe Tim is the best option to get in and turn around. I don’t know if it’s two or three years.

“In any case, I’m happy to spend my time below and I’m happy to learn how to do it if you go with me for a walk.

“I believe I can make a real impact there.”

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