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Winners and Losers, Matt Burton, Siosifa Talakai, Jake Trbojevic, Angus Crichton, Kotoni Staggs

Brad Fetler’s decision to make seven changes to his starting XI against Queensland means that many happy players have been added to the squad.

After being called up, Jack Tቦrjejevich and Angus Creekton were the two biggest beneficiaries, and Ellis pair Regan Campbell-Gildard and Ryan Materson paid for the blues in the opening series.

Read Origin II for all winners and losers from the NSW team.

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Matt Burton

The Bulldogs are set to partner Stephen Critton at center-back after eight-eighth Jack Whiteton was ruled out of the game due to Cowid and was suspended by Cotton Stages.

Burton was named Dali M Center of the Year by Justin Olam last season as he helped the Panthers win the Premier League title and will continue his relationship with his former teammates.

The 22-year-old has been playing five-eighth for the struggling Bulldogs this season, but has been in fine form in the midfield for the past two weeks, winning back-to-back matches.

Burton has made three tries in 14 appearances for the Bulldogs this season and is undoubtedly selected for the ball game and his combination with his former Panthers teammates.

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Matt Burton is about to start in the Centers.Source: Getty Images

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The Sharks have spent the New Year with Cronula and are considered unlucky to lose their first game.

The 25-year-old is versatile and has the ability to make an impact on the Blues’ forwards in the first leg.

It can cover the front row, back row and center and gives options to Brad Fittler in case of damage.

The center-forward has conceded six attempts in 13 games for the Sharks this season, making him the most advanced player in the NRL.

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For the first time, Siocefa Great is competing.Source fall-provided


Manly’s lock was considered a lucky draw for the game, but it did not take long for Brad Fetler to remember the 13-year-old veteran.

Trobojevich offers blues versatility in general, as it can cover both the front row and the back row.

The 28-year-old Manley is in good shape after being removed from the opening for Origen and deserves the call.

Trabojevich Blues has a do-or-die experience, and although it does not run as many meters as other forwards, it has the intangibles you need in the starting lineup – and can withstand any movement.

Jack Tቦrjejevich was called.Source: Getty Images

Angus Criston

The Rosters star was one of the first players to be cast for the game after struggling for form at the start of the season.

However, Crickton’s shape has improved over time and is more versatile as it can cover the back row and front row and centers if desired.

The 26-year-old has been a mainstay of the Blues for the past few years and will no doubt be remembered for his experience of nine home games.

Like Tribbojevich, when Crickton turns to the side, he goes out to show a point, and the forward movement gives him more ability, speed, and leg strength.

King Creekton was remembered.Source: Getty Images

Clinton Gutherson

Els’ chief was introduced to the group.

The 27-year-old has the experience of playing for the Blues in midfield in the 2020 series.

Gutterson has been a strong supporter of Ellis, but as a team, he has struggled for consistency, sometimes by 2022.

However, Guterres has the experience, energy and work ethic to shine in Origin if he gets the chance to make 63 attempts in 152 games in the NRL.

Clutter Gutterson provides fullback, center and utility coverage.Source fall-provided

Victor Radley

The Roosters Lock has been seen as a blueprint for the Blues for countless seasons, but due to injury and suspension it has not had a chance on the original stage.

Radley’s origins are inscribed on him, but he has also been a victim of the Blues’ strength, along with Isaac Eu, Cameron Murray and Jack Trbojevich.

However, the 24-year-old remains strong despite the club’s efforts to maintain a consistent roster.

Radlele could be included in the squad for next day’s game, especially since he has not played since the 10th round due to an ankle injury, but he will soon put first-team players on the training pad.

Victor Radley is vying for Origen’s first race.Source: Getty Images


There is no doubt that Cowboys’ propaganda has caused injuries to the Knights brothers Jacob and Daniel Seifiti, but he is as strong as the club this season.

McLean made eight appearances for Australia in 2017 and 2018, but never made his Blues debut.

The 30-year-old could be compensated for injuries to his shoulder injury and other paddles.

After 171 games for the hurricane and the Cowboys, McLean is the only award for his consistency and commitment during his 10-year career.

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Jordan McLean wants to play for the Blues for the first time at the age of 30.Source: Getty Images



The Broncos star may be considered unlucky due to a shoulder injury at the start of season 1.

Staggs ‘strong return from the Broncos’ 32-20 defeat on Friday was the strongest of the 91 meters, with 11 runs and four tackles.

But the appearance of Matt Burton, one of the centerpieces of the Dali M of the Year 2021, was too easy to ignore Fittler.

Cotton Stages discarded.Source: Getty Images


If the shape of the dragons and the world do not fit this year, the Sims may be considered by some to be an amazing choice for the game.

But Fitler remained loyal and was convinced that the patriotic striker would do his job for the Blues.

However, after Queensland got a jump in the game, the Sims were one of the first players to be questioned in 17 places – and eventually missed out.

Instead, Fethler could start Cameron Murray at the Sims venue and recall Angie Cristichton and bring in the versatile shark Cosifa Talakain.

Tarik Sims removed.Source: Getty Images

Reagan Campbell-Guildard

Even for the Els 204m performance over the weekend, it was not enough to save Reagan Campbell-Gilard.

The 28-year-old grew up on the sidelines an hour before Origen 1, but missed out on Origen 2 altogether.

Campbell Gillard made 93 rushing yards in 36 minutes in a single game, but his team-mate Payne Hass completed the challenge in 58 minutes and 139 yards.

Fitler wanted the players to return to the club grounds and submit their first-choice form, but unfortunately, five days after the Campbell-Gladd Els original defeat, the Bulldogs were impressed – this game probably contributed. He and Ryan Merson’s ax.

Reagan Campbell-Gillard removed.Source: Getty Images

Ryan Matterson

Ryan Matterson signed a four-year extension with Els to celebrate the Rosters’ clinical victory.

But after the 27-year-old made his debut, the 22-year-old lost his Fittler team and his week ended.

When he returned to the club ground, Materson did not set foot. He performed well in the defeat of the Bulldogs and in the game against the Roosters, but that was not enough to save him.

Fitler seems to be looking for extra strength from the bench to match Maron’s attackers.

Ryan Matterson said goodbye after the first game.Source: Getty Images


Josh Ado-Kar missed out on a number of points in the first leg and could have been more successful after the fast winger lost again. Addo-Carr sent a strong message to Fatler that he lost his hat-trick in a 170-meter hat-trick in a game against the Bulldogs.

On Sunday he was supported by a test kit, line-up, line-up, nine tackle buses and a 138-meter race in which the dogs defeated the Tigers, but it was not enough to be named in the Blues squad. Instead, Fittler remained loyal to Daniel Tupu, who won a one-off win over Adodo-Carn.

Josh Ado-Car could not find a note.Source: Getty Images

They are not considered due to disability: Tyson Freeze, Jacob Safety, Jack Whiteton (Covid)

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